Sika Deer Hunting Properties For Sale Dorchester County, MD

Separate Marsh Pieces for Sale / Lease



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boat ramp near marsh property  boat ramp near marsh property
Public boat ramp less than 1.5 miles from the marsh pieces.












Taking aim in the marshes.



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An aerial of the entire marsh parcel.
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View from the open water back toward a duck blind future location.



View of the shoreline as if in a duck blind looking west.



Shot of the closest woods (not our property but close enough
for Sika deer to come feed on our property).



The property line to the woods...we own property
on both sides of the water gut.



The deer stand we will be installing on the parcel.



* * Please note that access to this parcel would need to be by boat
launched at a public ramp 1.75 miles away.



An aerial of the entire farm area.
(Click on aerial to enlarge)



Another aerial shot of the area.
(Click on aerial to enlarge)





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