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Hunting Seminars


Fun Center & Conference Area

Hunting seminars are held in our spacious Fun Center pictured above. It fits 15-17 six foot tables. This meeting room has a clean modern kitchenette, convenient for storing food and drinks.

Our property located on the Eastern Shores of Dorchester County, Maryland make it the perfect spot for your hunting seminar.

We can arrange to have audio and/or video equipment available upon request.


Please contact us for information on our next scheduled hunting seminar.


The purpose of Doug Wigfield's sika hunting, power point seminar is to familiarize hunters with our sub-species so they can hunt smart, learn proven methods and employ specialized techniques, especially calling, that will help them experience sika hunting fun. The critters habits and habitat are completely different from whitetails so one has to take a different hunting mindset. The seminar is for the novice and the experienced sika hunter alike. Of great interest to hunters is the calling, making all the vocalizations, that sikas do year around. Mr. Wigfield premiered the "Sika Seducer" four years ago although he has sucessfully used and advocated sika calling for over twenty years. The sika seducer call is a hand-made walnut, open reed call that will produce all the finest bugles, chirps, mews and subtle vocalizations that a sika makes. The call comes complete with an instructional CD.

Doug Wigfield is a career wildlife biologist and owner of Crowmart, an internet store catering to serious crow hunter's equipment needs. He is an avid hunter, writer and seminar speaker on hunting sika deer, wild turkeys and crows. Doug is a member of the MBS, NRA, QDMA, and long-time official P&Y measurer. Other passions include turkey, crow and whitetail hunting primarily with a bow.

sika deer hunting property  sika deer hunting property

sika deer hunting property      sika deer hunting property
Doug Wigfield, expert Sika hunter and wildlife biologist,
assembling an antique Sika Deer decoy

sika deer hunting property  sika deer hunting property

sika deer hunting property      sika deer hunting property
Fully assembled antique Sika Deer decoy

Please email us if you would like to attend Doug Wigfield's next Sika Deer hunting seminar hosted by at our location.

The Crossbow's Future

Thanks to Percy Ransome and Sika Stag Deer's support, we are able
to educate and recruit our next generation of crossbow hunters and
shooters, keeping our crossbow heritage healthy and continuing.

See it, Feel it and Try it

Maryland Crossbow Federation President Denny Britton takes and
answers questions on crossbows, related accessories and services.
MCF sponsors that provided the MCF with Demo, products,
brochures and a vinyl banner were the big winners here.



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