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sika deer hunting property
This picture shows 3 parcels for sale

         Parcel A  --  28.7 acres  for  $179,000.   SOLD
         Parcel B  --  29.1 acres  for  $188,000.   SOLD
         Parcel C  --  17.6 acres  for  $79,000.     Or best offer



01052015   Property for Sale  11 acres, all wooded, whitetail and Sika hunting - $109,000.

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02182015   Property for Sale  155 acre hunting preserve with ponds, woods, walking marsh and marsh; abundant waterfowl; upland game and white tail and Sika deer; a wind turbine to generate electric; 2 buildings -- one is an "outhouse" and the other is to cook / sleep in - Call for more info / price




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